Hank Aaron


Item #912 Original Item #912 Original Hi-Step Item #547 25th Anniversary

The Hartland Original Hank Aaron was produced with either a hi-step stance, a corrected "regular stance" and also with magnets on the bottom of each foot. The hi-step version was produced first and many did not stand very well resulting in the left foot being made more flat to correct the problem. Variation collectors will want an early hi-step version as well as a corrected one. There is another variation, Aaron with magnets on each foot and a small black metal base. This would allow one to place the figurine on the dashboard of a car even after they were changed to vinyl.

Accessories regular bat

The Original Aaron production was approximately 150,000.

The 25th Anniversary Aaron production was slightly less than 10,000.

Book Values: Color 1 White

Original Hi-step $420.00 25th with box $120.00

Corrected $400.00

W/magnets and base $425.00

Tag $250.00

Box $200.00