The Bat Boy

A/k/a The Little Leaguer

Item #651 Original Item #none 25th Anniversary

The Hartland Original Bat Boy is a cute addition to the set. He was called The Little Leaguer originally but soon after his release, the Little Leaguer Association of America demanded that Hartland stop calling it that. He was then renamed the Bat Boy. Most of the bubble packs had the tops cut off so you couldn't see the old title. We happen to have a picture of a complete one before the trimming was done. The Hartland coffee mug that was made in very limited quantities and is associated with The Bat Boy.


The Original Bat Boy production was approximately 5,000 to 10,000.

The 25th Anniversary Bat Boy production was slightly less than 2,500.


Book Values: Color 1 White


Original $300.00 25th $200.00

W/Bubble Pack $385.00

Mug $100.00


Ironically, the mold for The Bat Boy was used by a minimum of two companies to market birthday candle sets for cakes. The photo on the left, courtesy of Fred McKie, displays version "A". Version be, photo soon to be added, has the Bat Boy, six, candle holders, 3 little ball players and a box of candles. Wax must have been a premium because if you look at the side of the candle, very little wax exists in the back!


Picture soon of Version B


Hong Kong Version A $20.00 Hong Kong Version B $25.00