Hartland Checklists

We have created these checklists to help you with your collection. Please feel free to print or download them for future reference. A photo is available if name is in blue, just click on it. We will add more photo's as time permits.

Checklist #1 Original Baseball
Checklist #2 Mini Western Horse & Rider
Checklist #3 Western Wranglers
Checklist #4 Famous Gunfighters
Checklist #5 Western & Historical
Checklist #6 Original Football
Checklist #7 25th Anniversary Baseball
Checklist #8 Dallas Baseball
Checklist #9 Missouri Baseball

Check List #1 Hartland Baseball Figures
1958 to 1963
(900 Series)
(8 1/2" Tall)

910 Mickey Mantle 910 Mantle Lamp RARE 911 Babe Ruth 912 Hank Aaron
913 Eddie Mathews 914 Ted Williams 915 Stan Musial 916 Warren Spahn
917 Yogi Berra w Mask 918 Willie Mays 919 Nellie Fox 920 Ernie Banks
921 Duke Snider 922 Don Drysdale 923 Rocky Colavito 924 Luis Aparicio
925 Harmon Killebrew 926 Dick Groat 927 Roger Maris 651 Bat Boy
Min Lgr White Base Min Lgr Black Base Min Lgr ALL GOLD Min Lgr All White

Check List #2 Mini Western Horse & Rider Stars
Mid 1950's
(5 1/2" tall)
(500 A & A-1Series)

500A Matt Dillon 500A Wyatt Earp 500A Jim Hardie 500A Paladin
500A Lone Ranger 500A Roy Rogers
500A-1 Cheyenne w/ purple shirt 500A-1 Cheyenne w/ red shirt 500A-1 Gil Favor 500A-1 Maverick
500A-1 Rebel 500A-1 Rifleman 500A-1 Tonto 500A-1 Westerner

Check List #3 Western Wranglers Series Checklist
(600 Series)
(8" Tall with removable Riders)

611 Alkali Ike 612 Cactus Pete 613Commanche Kid

Check List #4 Hartland Famous Gun Fighter Series Checklist
700 Series
(9 1/2" Tall)

709 Wyatt Earp 761 Chris Colt 762 Bret Maverick 763 Clay Hollister
764 Jim Hardie 765 Vint Bonner 766 Paladin 767 Dan Troop
768 Johnny McKay 769 Bat Masterson

Check List #5 Hartland Western and Historical Figures
(800 Series)
(9 1/2" Tall)

801 Lone Ranger (old w\ chaps) 801 Lone Ranger (new rearing Silver) 801 Lone Ranger (new standing Silver) 802 Dale Evans
804 Sgt. Lance O'Rourke 804 Sgt. Preston 805 Tonto 806 Roy Rogers
700 Bullet ??? Rin Tin Tin 808 Gen. Robert E. Lee 809 Wyatt Earp
812 Chief Brave Eagle 813 Chief Thunderbird 814 Gen. George A. Custer 815 Gen. George Washington
816 Cochise 817 Jim Bowie 818 Cheyenne (Bodie) 819 Buffalo Bill (Cody)
821 Tom Jeffords 822 Matt Dillon 823 Anne Oakley 824 Major Seth Adams
825 Hoby Gilman 826 Lucas McCain 827 Bill Longley 828 Jose Randall
829 Col. Ronald Mackenzie 831 Gil Favor 832 The Rebel 862 Bret Maverick
864 Jim Hardie 866 Paladin 811 Turfking & Jockey Cowboys & Cowgirls

Check List #6 Hartland Original Football Checklist

412 Bears Lineman 413 Bears Running Back 412 Browns Lineman 413 Browns Running Back
412 Cardinals Lineman 413 Cardinals Running Back 412 Colts Lineman 413 Colts Running Back
412 Cowboys Lineman 413 Cowboys Running Back 412 Eagles Lineman 413 Eagles Running Back
412 Giants Lineman 413 Giants Running Back 412 Lions Lineman 413 Lions Running Back
412 Packers Lineman 413 Packers Running Back 412 Rams Lineman 413 Rams Running Back
412 Redskins Lineman 413 Redskins Running Back 412 Steelers Lineman 413 Steelers Running Back
412 Vikings Lineman 413 Vikings Running Back 412 49ers Lineman 413 49ers Running Back
LSU Running Back Jon Arnet Running Back Johnny Unitas

Check List #7 Hartland 25th Anniversary Baseball Checklist

Hank Aaron Luis Aparicio Ernie Banks Yogi Berra
Rocky Colavito Don Drysdale Nellie Fox Dick Groat
Harmon Killebrew Mickey Mantle Roger Maris Eddie Mathews
Willie Mays Stan Musial Babe Ruth Duke Snider
Warren Spahn Ted Williams Bat Boy Minor Leaguer

Check List #8 Hartland Dallas Baseball Checklist
Green Box

Roberto Clemente Ty Cobb Dizzy Dean Bob Feller
Whitey Ford Lou Gehrig The Confrontation Umpire

Check List #9 Hartland Missouri Baseball Checklist
Gray Box

Roberto Clemente Whitey Ford Nolan Ryan (Home) Nolan Ryan (Away)
Honus Wagner Carl Yastrzemski Cy Young Safe at Second
Johnny Unitas

Coming soon Religious and Misc Hartland Checklists. If you have any photo's you would like us to use, please let us know.

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