The Minor Leaguer


Item #none Original

Original Card Item #none 25th Anniversary Hong Kong

The Hartland Minor Leaguer has the distinction of being the Hartland with the most variations. He came originally with a white base or a black base, with and without magnets under the base, painted all gold and never painted (all white). His 25th Anniversary color is a white base and he also has a Hong Kong version.

The Original Minor Leaguer production was approximately 5,000.

The 25th Anniversary Musial production was slightly less than 2,000.

Book Values: Color 1 White

Original White Base $225.00 25th $150.00

W/magnets $250.00 Hong Kong $25.00

Black Base $225.00

W/magnets $250.00

All Gold $275.00

All White $275.00

Display Card $75.00