Willie Mays

Item #918 Original Item #536 25th Anniversary

The Hartland Original Willie Mays was produced with a regular stance and also with magnets on the bottom of each foot. You could find Eddie in a color box. The variation Mays comes with magnets on each foot and a small black metal base. This would allow one to place the figurine on the dashboard of a car even after they were changed to vinyl. Mays figurines were produced either yellow trim or orange trim giving variation collectors something to look for.

Accessories: hang tag

The Original Mays production was approximately 100,000.

The 25th Anniversary Mays production was slightly less than 10,000.

Book Values: Color 1 White

Original $350.00 25th with box $125.00

W/magnets and base $375.00

Tag $200.00

Box $250.00