Ted Williams

Item #914 Original Item #540 25th Anniversary

The Hartland Original Ted Williams was produced with a regular stance. You could find Ted in a color box. The variation of Williams is the front of his jersey. Some of them came with "RED S" as raised plastic painted red and some came with only "RED" raised plastic and red paint. It is said that the original mold, which made two figurines at that time did not have the wax cleaned out of the "S" on one side and therefore it was not only omitted in plastic but also in painting.

Accessories: regular bat, hang tag

The Original Williams production was approximately 150,000.

The 25th Anniversary Williams production was slightly less than 10,000.

Book Values: Color 1 White

Original $395.00 25th with box $125.00

Tag $200.00

Box $250.00