Welcome! The Hartland Auction House posts the current auction as it appears in trade journals. In order to bid, you must have a bidder number. If you don't already have one, simply e-mail the request for bidder number below and we will get back to you with one. You must have this before you can bid.

RULES All bids must be increased by 10%. You can e-mail a bid that must include your bidder number, lot number(s) and bid amount (s) up until the actual day of the auction. Then you must use the phone number 509-930-7429. Call prior to auction day with any questions regarding any descriptions of any lots you may have. There is a five minute rule. After that time the auction is officially over and you will get the answering machine.

During the auction. If the phone rings, stay on the line as we use call waiting. Auctions do not end early. Don't hang up if the phone is ringing.

We will tabulate the results and call you will all lots you have won. Payment must be made within one week or the lot will go to the next highest bidder. Renegers will have their bidder numbers removed and their names listed for others to be aware of.

All Sales are Final. There are no exceptions or exchanges.


We accept a variety of payment forms. You may place an e-mail order and include a credit card at no additional charge, you may state you are sending a check (two week clear), money order, cashier /bank check.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping is all done through Priority Mail by the US Postal Service unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. Insurance is extra. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to any item(s) not properly insured.

Shipping Charges

$6.00 first figurine, $7.00 two figurines or horse & rider, $2.50 each additional statue.


$1.00 per $100 or any part thereof
Any purchase not insured by Purchaser assumes all risks of loss or damage.

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