BASEBALL Photo Gallery

Welcome! The Hartland Baseball Figurines listed in this Gallery are listed by name and all information and photo's regarding that player are provided. If you see something that interests you, please e-mail us, we have virtually all in stock. Thank You.

Hank Aaron Luis Aparicio Ernie Banks Bat Boy
Yogi Berra Roberto Clemente Ty Cobb Rocky Colavito
The Confrontation Dizzy Dean Don Drysdale Bob Feller
Whitey Ford Nellie Fox Lou Gehrig Dick Groat
Harmon Killebrew Mickey Mantle Roger Maris Eddie Mathews
Willie Mays Minor Leaguer Stan Musial Babe Ruth
Nolan Ryan Safe at Second Duke Snider Warren Spahn
Umpire Honus Wagner Ted Williams Carl Yastrzemski
Cy Young 25th Post Card $15.00 25th Anniversary Display $35.00 25th Set of 18 $1500. book

Bats: $40.00 original, $20.00 replacement or regular or Ruth, $50 original short and $20 replacement short.
Indicate who bat is for and correct one will be sent.

Masks: $40.00 original, $30.00 25th anniversary / reproduction.

Cobb Bases $12.00.


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