7" Morgan Family? in Palomino

8" Polo Pony in Black
Black Horse Ranch Special Run of 1000 pieces produced in 1984 (Stevens-made)

8" Polo Pony in Blue Roan

8" Polo Pony in Creamy Dun

9" Rearing Mustang in Silver Grey

9" Rearing Mustang in Red Bay

9" Rearing Mustang in Red Dun

9" Rearing Mustang in Pearly White

9" Rearing Mustang in Steel Gray

9" Rearing Mustang in Black Pinto

6" Grazing Mare in Pearly White

6" Grazing Mare in Fleabitten Chestnut
This mare originally came with the suckling foal and a stallion, sold as "The Thoroughbred Family;" they were named "Duke, Duchess, and Earl," and were released in time for Christmas 1962 or 63.

7" Grazing Mare in Bright Buckskin

6" Grazing Mare and Suckling Foal in Bay

Tiny Mite Donkey, Unpainted Plastic 2" tall, shown as "Juanita"

Clydesdale with Molded-On Harness

Miniature Horse in Grey
This rare model was one of the few resin cast models made from Hartland. Sculpted by Kathleen Moody. This mold was discontinued shortly after first being produced; shown as "Carnival in C Minor." This model was offered by DaBar until recently; you may still be able to purchase one.

Miniature Horse in Bay
Shown as Mirror Image/owned by Cheryl Mundee.

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